Rachel Neville's Photos Are Coming to an Unexpected Place

August 10, 2017

If you find yourself anywhere near NYC’s über-chic Park Avenue between Monday, August 14 and December, you’ll want to hightail it to PurePoint Financial’s new Financial Center to check out a surprising collaboration with one of the dance world’s shining stars.

The Financial Center’s goal is to feel more like a gallery than a traditional bank, with “beautiful décor, a relaxed setting and hospitality area.” But the real draw for us dancerly types is Rachel Neville’s photography, in an exhibition titled “A Command Performance,” showcasing her work capturing the gorgeous movement of NYC-based dancers.

Putting dance photos in a bank might seem more than a little random, but PurePoint Financial says Neville is just the first artist to be featured in this space, with many more to come. PurePoint says the company “wanted to celebrate its entrance to the New York City market by celebrating the arts and cultural communities that the city is known for.” We are SO here for institutions supporting their local artistic communities! Yasssssss.