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B-girl Sunny Choi.

Sunny Choi Is Going to the Olympics!

This summer, breaking will make its Olympic debut at the 2024 Paris games, and b-girl Sunny Choi is ready to make history. In fact, she already did! This past October, Choi became the first American woman to qualify for the games after winning the gold medal at the Pan American Games. Choi spent her adolescence […]

Spin Class: How to Master the Backspin

The backspin is a classic breaking move we could all use in our special skills repertoire. We asked Robert Taylor Jr.—a Broadway Dance Center faculty member whose resumé includes dancing with Rihanna on “So You Think You Can Dance” and in Spongebob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical—to walk us through the backspin step by step. Watch […]

Breaking Gets One Step Closer to the 2024 Olympics

Is dance a sport ? Should it be in the Olympics? They’re complicated questions that tend to spark heated debate. But many dance fans will be excited to hear that breaking (please don’t call it breakdancing) has been provisionally added to the program for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in Paris. The announcement was made […]

How to Rock the Toprock

For most people, the word “breaking” brings to mind flashy feats on the floor. But those eye-catching tricks aren’t the whole picture. Breaking actually features four different categories of movement: toprock, footwork (or “downrock”), freezes, and power moves. And while toprocking—the part of breaking that’s done standing up—is often overlooked, it’s one of the most […]

#ICYMI: There's A New Windmill World Record—In More Ways than One

Because what else are you supposed to do in the Netherlands but tons of windmills—in front of actual windmills? Last month, to promote the 2017 Red Bull BC One World Final in Amsterdam, 70 b-boys from Italy, France, Brazil, and the Netherlands got together at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kinderdjik in southern Holland. […]

Five Seriously Talented B-Girls You Should Know

Traditionally, breaking has been a male-dominated field—but there are plenty of extraordinary b-girls out there, too. And these days, breaking is becoming even more inclusive, as young girls are exposed to it through events like BGirl City and the B-Girl Be Festival. Here are five insanely good b-girls who deserve your attention. 1. Casie “Tynee” […]

From Tap-Dancing Penguin to Break-Dancing Boss

For today’s installment of young break-dancing prodigies with so much talent it freaks us out a little bit: Meet Mace Maya, a 10-year-old breaker who began dancing at the age of 5. As the story goes, his dad saw him tapping up a storm while watching the movie Happy Feet and said, “Hey, want to learn […]