#ICYMI: There's A New Windmill World Record—In More Ways than One

November 11, 2017

Because what else are you supposed to do in the Netherlands but tons of windmills—in front of actual windmills?

Last month, to promote the 2017 Red Bull BC One World Final in Amsterdam, 70 b-boys from Italy, France, Brazil, and the Netherlands got together at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kinderdjik in southern Holland. Their goal? To set a new world record for the number of simultaneous windmills performed in 30 seconds.

Dutch hip-hop legend Tyrone van der Meer came up with the idea for the stunt: “The windmill is a classic breaking move and has a funny connection with the Netherlands,” he explained. “That’s how we came up with the idea for this world record. The breaking scene in the Netherlands is growing fast and we’re very proud of that.”

We have just one question: Where are all the b-girls who surely deserve spots in this all-star grouping?! Hopefully future breaking stunts put on by the Red Bull BC One World Final will “include women in the sequel.” #werk