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Celebrate Harry Potter's Birthday With This Harry-Draco Dance Battle

It’s one of the most magical times of the year—and we don’t mean “magical” in the holiday-spirit sense, but in the wands-and-wizards sense: Today is Harry Potter’s birthday! Whether you’re a Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, its time to celebrate not only the birth of “The Boy Who Lived,” but more importantly the creation of […]

Yanis Marshall Didn't Win "Britain's Got Talent," But He Did Win OUR HEARTS

Prepare to be totally obsessed. No, really: Brace yourselves, guys. Because THINGS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AFTER YOU SEE YANIS MARSHALL DANCE. GET IT (via Buzzfeed) Actually, you may have already met Yanis, our new favorite ever. Last year, the French choreographer and his fellow be-heeled dancers blew up the internets with a Spice […]

Britain's (Munchkins) Got Talent

Sometimes, in those odd collections of borderline-freakery that are reality talent competitions, you come across something totally, seriously great. I’m talking about Pre Skool, the group of 12 awesome dancing kiddos who just appeared on “Britain’s Got Talent.” (They’re all younger siblings of dancers in Nu Sxool, a group that ended up in the competition’s […]