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Dance Battle: Spider-Man v. Baby Spider-Man

Remember Evian’s gloriously adorable dancing babies commercial? Well imagine what would happen if that commercial were bitten by a radioactive spider…’cause that’s pretty much what happened this week. In celebration of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which hits theaters on May 2, Evian released a new version of their viral Baby & Me campaign—one featuring none […]

A Veterans Day Salute to These Awesome Dancing Marine Corps Members

Happy Veterans Day, everyone! As the country takes a moment to honor all the amazing men and women who’ve served in armed service, we’d like to celebrate a few of our own favorite members of the military—namely, the ones who had a pretty fantastic dance-off at the annual US Marine Corps ball this weekend. Think […]

The U of A Football Team Busts a Move!

I love college football. But let’s be honest—half the fun is scoping out the dance team/cheerleaders. So, what happens when the players suddenly start busting a move, too? Pure awesomeness. At the end of their fall camp last week, University of Arizona head football coach Rich Rodriguez decided to start an awesome new tradition: an […]

Because We All Need a Happy Story Today

It feels like the world has been falling apart this week. (Boston, our hearts are with you today.) We could all use something that might help restore our faith in humanity. So, here goes: At an afterparty for the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night, your 9-year-old best friend, Quvenzhané Wallis (aka the star of […]

Have a Problem? Dance Off!

The first time I saw the new “Dance Central 3” commercial, I couldn’t stop grinning. I mean, it shows a series of dance offs to solve every kind of problem. Who wouldn’t love that?! Get pulled over by a cop? Dance off. Soccer brawl? Dance off. Political debate? Dance off. Sounds pretty great, right?! Watch […]