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Walk the Plank: Increase Core Strength and Shoulder Stability

START POSITION  Keeping wrists in line with shoulders and neck in line with body, get into the position from which you’d start a push-up. Ankles should be hip-width apart. Maintain sturdy wrists as your hands push into the floor. Don’t lock elbows. Keep shoulder joints secure in a neutral position. To maintain tension in legs, […]

A Look at a Tribute to Gus Giordano

This past spring, Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago wrapped up the nearly yearlong process of creating Giordano Moves, an homage to the classic style of the company’s legendary founder, Gus Giordano, 83. “We don’t do a lot of Gus’s choreography anymore. We don’t see him a lot,” says Jon Lehrer, associate director of GJDC and longtime […]

How to Choose the Right Jazz Classes for you in NYC

Walking into NYC dance meccas Broadway Dance Center or STEPS on Broadway for the first time can be overwhelming. Your home studio probably offers generic jazz classes, but these two prominent NYC studios offer more than 20 different kinds of jazz and street dance classes. The following classes are offered in a range of levels […]

An Insider's Guide to Jazz Classes in Chicago

With blends of crisp technique, delicious rhythms and smooth notes of modern and ballet, the Chicago jazz dance scene offers a selection of eclectic styles and classically formed techniques. Chicago has become a training ground for both concert and commercial jazz dancers, and the mix of styles influenced by the city’s many professional jazz companies […]

It's a Wrap

Tip! If foam prewrap is too bulky for shoe, shave the areas that will be taped prior to wrapping. PLACE NEAR ANKLE AND ARCH WRAP SECTIONS: Tightness Tests Use the following to make sure the wrap isn�t cutting off circulation: Press and release the nail bed of each toe�the blood should return to the bed […]