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Meet the Dancer Who Does Motion Capture for the "Avatar" Series

Since dancers are masters at the art of movement, Hollywood frequently turns to them for big motion capture projects. (Mumble’s happy feet in Happy Feet came courtesy of tap legend Savion Glover, for example.) Jenn Stafford, who’s danced with Cirque du Soleil and , is one such dancer: She’s taking her skills to the big […]

The Time of Their Lives: Dance Celebs Share Amazing Prom Stories

Right now, you’re probably getting pretty pumped about one major high school milestone: Prom! Do you have your dress yet? Did you work up the courage to ask that special someone? Are you planning the best-ever post-prom party? We thought so. Dancers do prom in the best way. I mean, getting dressed up and dancing […]

Lasting Impressions

Canadian Dance Company performs a memorable routine at Showstopper’s East Coast Finals. (Photo Courtesy Canadian Dance Company) Think fouettés are the key to a judge’s heart? Think again. While judges love strong technique, tricks aren’t what they remember in the long run. Instead, creativity, performance quality and moving storylines reign supreme. Here, seven competition judges […]