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MDC3 World of Dance

Meet MDC3: The “World of Dance” Winners Who Defied the Odds

In March 2020, the same day the “World of Dance” cast got word that production would be shutting down due to a global pandemic, MDC3 artists Madison (Madi) Smith, Diego Pasillas and Emma Mather stood shoulder to shoulder onstage, bracing to hear the final results of the competition. The champion title and $1 million prize […]

"World of Dance" Week 8 Recap: The Junior Division Duels It Out

The Duels continued on last night’s episode of “World of Dance,” but this time, it was all about the Junior Division. And we have to say, our fave 18-and-under acts brought the heat. We sure hope the Upper Division dancers are ready to face off against these talented youngsters on the “WOD” stage next week. […]

Catching Up with Cover Model Search Finalist Diego Pasillas

We’re thrilled for our Cover Model Search winner, Darriel Johnakin—but we also love our two runners-up, Diego Pasillas and Emma Sutherland! We talked to Diego about how life has changed since his NYC visit for the contest. Diego performing his solo “Dive in the Water” at Radix Nationals (courtesy the Pasillas family) Hi, Diego! What’ve […]

2019 Cover Model Search Finalist Diego Pasillas

Click here to vote for Diego. There are some dancers who impress in easy-to-articulate ways: They’ve got the extension, they’ve got the feet, they’ve got the technique. Then there are dancers like Diego Pasillas, whose virtuosity isn’t as easy to wrap your head around. Not that Diego doesn’t have the extension/feet/technique; that’s all there, too. […]