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Joshua Honrado working with a patient.

Tips For Preventing and Managing Shin Splints

Chelsea Hoy, an associate artistic director and performer with Trinity Irish Dance Company, has battled shin splints throughout her career. She says the condition, which manifests as pain down the front of the lower leg, was most bothersome during the two-hour performances that comprise the company’s multicity tours. “You’re in your Irish soft shoes soaring […]

Alex Patrick posing in a handstand.

A Dancer’s Guide to Managing Panic Attacks

Alex Patrick, a Dallas-based dance instructor and the founder of SHAPPE Dance Company, has experienced intense self-doubt as well as an immense amount of pressure over the course of her career. After landing a big role, she often felt undeserv­ing and inadequate. Sometimes, the compounding stress and difficult emotions she felt about dance would lead Patrick […]

When to Eat What So You Can Dance Your Best

Ever felt a pang of unexpected hunger the moment before you entered stage right? Or been a few minutes into class before realizing the dinner you ate an hour ago has left you overstuffed and lethargic? Figuring out when to eat and hydrate can feel more elusive than getting a full scholarship to your dream […]

A New Government Initiative Proves It: Dance Heals

It’s a cliché because it’s true. Doctors in the United Kingdom will soon be able to prescribe dance classes or other artistic experiences to patients suffering anything from mental health struggles to lung conditions, according to The Times. This initiative, which the British government is calling “social prescribing,” is one part of a new preventive […]

Nutcracker Hair-apy

Your biscuits aren’t the only things that take a beating during Nutcracker season—your (constantly sprayed, straightened, curled, and gelled) hair does, too. And while using heat tools and products is inevitable, there are plenty of ways to maintain a healthy mane through December. Here are our top tips. Down ’n’ Out!  Thinkstock Wearing a ballet […]

Have You Been Doing These Essential Exercises All Wrong?

Chances are, you’ve done planks, push-ups, squats, and crunches for so long, you could whip them out in your sleep. But there’s a fine—and critical—line between executing these moves and executing them properly. Dance Spirit turned to Anna Acciarino, PT, DPT, ATC, from Manhattan Physio Group in NYC, for a breakdown of the subtle yet […]