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American Ballet Theatre’s Madison Brown (left, with Alejandro Valera Outlaw in Houston Thomas’ Knife’s Edge) attended competitions frequently as a teen. She says she’s now grateful for the breadth of her training.

Shifting the Comp Kid Stigma

When Kamille Upshaw arrived at The Juilliard School in 2007, she’d been a competition dancer for a decade. “There was still a bit of a stigma about competition dancers,” says Upshaw, who attended Baltimore School for the Arts and trained at Spotlight Studio of Dance in Millersville, Maryland. “We were seen as being all about […]

What "Hamilton" Dancer Kamille Upshaw Eats in a Day

Nearly two years after its Broadway debut, Hamilton is still the hottest ticket in town. The show is still sold out every single night, and for Kamille Upshaw, that means bringing her A-game every night—even if she doesn’t end up onstage. As one of the cast’s swings, Upshaw may fill in for an injured or […]

"So You Think You Can Dance" Season 11 Recap: Meet the Top 20

(Before we begin—have you heard that we’re giving away tickets to the “So You Think You Can Dance” season finale?! GO. ENTER. NOW.) Wow. “SYTYCD” Season 11 is going to be pretty darn spectacular. This week, we watched 157 dancers travel to L.A. to duke it out for a spot in the Top 20. Guest […]

Meet Jakob and Kamille!

Jakob Karr (by Joe Toreno) Our July/August issue is here! We’re so excited to present our NYC Issue featuring musical-theater newbies Jakob Karr and Kamille Upshaw. We met up with them in Tempe, AZ, on the route of the Flashdance: The Musical tour, where they posed for photographer Joe Toreno, rocking huge smiles despite the 100 […]

Kamille Upshaw's Q&A is the Best Thing on Twitter

When we logged on to Twitter this morning and saw that Kamille Upshaw was doing an impromptu Q&A sesh, we were more than OK with it. We love us some Kamille. She first graced our July/August 2013 cover as a full-of-potential musical-theater newbie, and now three years later she’s shining as a swing in Hamilton, […]

The Ring Jump

To prepare, tendu your right foot forward from first position. Bring your right foot back into fifth position as you plié , then spring into a small prep jump, landing back in fifth-position plié. Jump as high as you can, extending your right leg forward and lifting your left leg into a back attitude. Arch […]

If We Were on Broadway…

It takes more than just looking AMAZING in spandex to make it on Broadway. You have to sing, too! (Photo of Jakob Karr in Flashdance the Musical by DRGPhotography) For our July/August issue, we talked to cover stars Kamille Upshaw and Jakob Karr about making the transition from dancer to dancer/singer/actor, and they gave us […]