Tina Fey Auditioned for "Mean Girls" on "SNL"—And It's The Fetchest Thing You'll Watch All Day

May 20, 2018

Our favorite funny lady Tina Fey gave quite the performance this past weekend, and lots of our Mean Girls Broadway favorites also made appearances (heyyy Kamille Upshaw and Demarius R. Copes!).

As the brains behind both Mean Girls the film AND Mean Girls the Broadway show, Fey is probably the most qualified Mean Girls expert out there. And she did have a starring role in the movie. But does she really have what it takes to be in the sing and dance version? Thankfully for us, the quest for that answer resulted in the most hilarious skit, filled with some awesomely epic (and at times dangerous) dance moves from Fey.

“Writing the Mean Girls musical has been a dream come true,” says Fey in the beginning of the video. “The only awkward thing is that people keep coming up to me saying like, ‘Why aren’t you in it?’ and ‘When are you gonna be in it?’ ”

Cue the hijinks.

It’s really doubtful we’ll ever be over these #priceless cast reactions to Fey’s performance:

Grey Henson (Damian) and Erika Henningsen (Cady)

Ashley Park (Gretchen Wieners)

Ensemble dancers Kevin Csolak and Demarius R. Copes


Ultimately, Fey realizes that “Broadway is hard. And the people who do it are super talented.”


But honestly, we’d still pay really good money to see Fey in literally any Broadway show ever. See for yourself below—and watch out for our July/August issue for even more scoop on the show in our annual “Jazz Hand Awards” feature.