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Kaycee Rice and Gabe De Guzman Are the Best Kind of Creepy in "KONTROL"

Most of you are accustomed to seeing our January cover stars, teenage phenoms Kaycee Rice and Gabe De Guzman, in full-out hip-hop mode. You know—casually killing it in things like this. And this. And, oh yes, THIS. Kaycee and Gabe aren’t setting that type of amazingness aside anytime soon. But like all true mavericks, they’re […]

January 2016: Gabe De Guzman and Kaycee Rice

Hip-hop wunderkinds Gabe De Guzman and Kaycee Rice brought energy, flair and insane talent to their cover shoot for the January 2016 issue. Check out this behind-the-scenes video for a look at all the fun that happened on set! Your browser does not support the video tag.

Hip Hop So Bad (Blood) It's Good

Zendaya, aka “Cut Throat,” being fierce as ever in “Bad Blood.” Have you guys seen Taylor Swift‘s new music video for “Bad Blood“? (Of course you have.) With a stacked cast of mega-famous female celebrities—including DS fave Zendaya—”Bad Blood” is the ultimate in #girlpower. The words “don’t mess” come to mind. There’s only one thing […]