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Get Ready for the World of Dance 2014 Tour

We’ll admit it: Stalking incredible hip-hop choreographers and dancers on YouTube is a favorite activity here at DS. Can you really blame us though? There’s just too much good stuff out there! So naturally, we’re STOKED for the start of the 2014 World of Dance Tour—the largest international urban dance competition in the world. Top […]

Keone and Mari Madrid Will Make You Fall In Love (Again)

It’s been a good three weeks since we last obsessed over dance-power couple Keone and Mari Madrid. So, naturally, we’re long overdue for some gushing. They’ve mastered the art of sweet character studies, hip-hop-tastic car commercials and epic wedding dances. But what really gets our hearts pumping? Their emotionally raw and intense lyrical hip-hop videos. Recently, […]

Video Break Time, Cute Overload Edition

Good grief, could super-talented choreographic team—and married couple—Keone and Mari Madrid get any more adorable? Well, yes, in fact, they could. Case in point: this too-cute-for-words routine they created to the Bob Marley classic, “Is this Love.” In it, the pair fast-forward about a half-century or so, imagining their senior-citizen selves—who are, of course, still […]

Please Enjoy These Really Intense Wedding Dances

Yes, yes: You already know we can’t get enough of wedding proposal flash mobs and charming choreographed first dances. They’re so sweet! They’re so endearing! They always make us tear up just a little! But this collection of 12 “surprise” wedding dances, compiled by DS2DIO, is, um, different. They probably won’t result in tears. They […]

Hyundai Goes Hip Hop

I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for a good commercial. If you can make me laugh or cry, or absolutely amaze me in under a minute, you’ve got my attention. Now, if you can do it with dancers, there’s a good chance you’ll get my business, which is why I’m dying to run out and […]