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Do the #PenguinShake

Thanksgiving is only two weeks away! And that means we’ve all got a certain bird on the brain: the penguin. (Wut?!) That’s right, this year Mr. Turkey will have to share the spotlight with his arctic amigo—because Penguins of Madagascar is hitting theaters. You may be thinking: Sure, sure, that’s great, but what does it […]

I Am Untapped Potentional

Why do you love dance? Seems like a simple enough question—but try to answer it, and your mind probably runs in a million different directions. Back in August, as part of a world-wide casting call, the upcoming dance film Untapped asked the dance community to answer this question. And the result was nothing short of […]

Marquese Scott Asks You to Imagine a Dragon

Quick: Imagine a dragon! What a cutey!  (via How to Train Your Dragon) OK, so this blog really has nothing to do with dragons. But it does have to do with fantasy, because Marquese Scott’s new video “Imagine a Dragon” is unreal. [Pause for laughter.] Set to the beautiful Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix cover of […]

Marquese Scott's New Commercial Is Fantastic

Animation sensation Marquese “Nonstop” Scott is at it again. (You might remember the mesmerizing video of Scott dancing to a remix of John Legend’s “All of Me,” or this video, which went viral in 2011.) This time, he’s bringing his reality-bending style to Coca-Cola in a new commercial that’s all about dance. Scott works it […]

This New Dance Film Stars Four of Our Favorites

What’s better than watching a bunch of great dancers perform? Watching a bunch of great dancers from different genres perform. When the collective force of all that diverse awesomeness is applied to a single project, the result tends to be pretty incredible. The United Artists Initiative is an organization designed around that collaborative principle. And […]

Allow Us to Introduce You to "Sign Flipping"

Did you know that “sign flipping” is a thing? No, really. Apparently there are people out there doing crazy stuff with road signs. Awesome animator (and Dragon House Crew member) Marquese Scott discovered “Flipper j” doing his thing on the side of the road a few days ago. He posted a video showcasing the guy’s […]