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Brain Power

Food is a powerful tool that does more than just fuel your body—what you eat and when can mean the difference between feeling focused and happy, or tired and depressed. Your nutrition choices can even affect how you feel pain. Here’s a simple guide to eating in a way that will keep your brain chemically […]

The Truth About Four Fad Diets

In the quest to become a calorie-burning machine, the promises made by popular diets may be tempting. But do these diets work? Are they safe? In the end, will they enhance or harm your performance? Any diet that severely restricts calories can impair performance and health. As a growing dancer, it’s especially important to be […]

The Truth About Supplements

Carbohydrates, proteins, fats and water are the fab four in the nutrition hall of fame, but if you want to feel your best everyday, make sure you get the recommended daily doses of vitamins and minerals. These micronutrients help your body to process the carbs, proteins, fats and water contained in the foods you eat. […]

Eating Healthy — Even If You're On A Limited Budget

It’s the dancer’s dilemma. You need to eat well, but nutritious food can seem pricey. Being a dancer, however, doesn’t have to mean a life of ramen noodles. With a little resourcefulness, you can get the foods you need to stay strong—without depleting your bank account. 1. Eat breakfast. If you skip breakfast, you’re more […]

The Truth About Detox and Fasting

Are you considering a fast to purify your body of toxins or to shed a few pounds? Whatever your ultimate goal, food deprivation is dangerous and can even lead to weight gain and muscle loss. Before you go on a fast, here’s what you should know. Fasting: The Dark Side During a typical fast, a […]

How Male Dancers Should Eat for Increased Energy and Strength

Regardless of who you are, it takes a lot of energy to keep jetés soaring and kicks high-flying, but it takes even more fuel if you’re a teenage male. Between the ages of 13 and 17, boys gain roughly 37 pounds, mostly in muscle. (Teenage girls experience growth spurts, too, but most of their weight […]

Why Following The Low-Fat Diet Crazy May Do You More Harm Than Good

It’s no secret that fat is one of the most irresistibly delightful nutrients around. But as with all good things in life, excessive fat indulgence will ultimately widen your waistline and weaken your heart. Fat: Friend or Foe? For dancers, keeping body fat levels low can enhance appearance, stamina and efficiency. Unfortunately, the culture continues […]