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NYCB's Olivia Boisson Shares Her Pointe-Shoe Prep Routine

Watching a ballerina customize her pointe shoes will just never get old. Not only is it oddly mesmerizing to watch, but the pros always have some genius tips and hacks to offer. New York City Ballet corps member Olivia Boisson recently sat down with Insider to talk about her pointe-shoe process, and trust us, the […]

3 Pointe Shoe Myths, Debunked

Pointe shoes can transform even the simplest steps into ethereal movements of elegance and beauty as anyone who’s ever seen a ballerina bourree on pointe can attest. It’s no wonder that young dancers long for the day when they too may don a pair of pink satin shoes. But there are a ton of misconceptions—even […]

3D-Printed Pointe Shoes? Yep, They Exist!

Pointe shoes printed on a 3D printer may sound like something only possible in the future. But imagine our surprise when we found out these high-tech shoes actually exist! Yes, you read that correctly…you can PRINT pointe shoes—and the end result offers less pain and way more durability than traditional methods. The P-rouette pointe shoe […]

How to "Pancake" Your Pointe Shoes

No two pairs of pointe shoes are the same, from their shanks to their boxes, their color to their shine. To make an array of shoes more uniform or to get them to a shade closer to your skin tone, dance teachers might ask that you “pancake” your pointe shoes before going onstage. But what […]