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PUMA Just Debuted Its Spring/Summer '17 Collab with NYCB

You knew they were partners . You knew the slogan was “Do You.” But did you know that a PUMA/NYCB collaboration could look this good? Yeah, we didn’t either. Behold: Unity Phelan, Lara Tong and Mimi Staker (photo via PUMA) We are seriously obsessed with that cape. (Via PUMA) Tutus and tennis shoes, FTW! (Photo […]

NYCB + PUMA = A Match Made In Dance Heaven

Breaking news, bunheads! Sportswear company PUMA just announced they’re teaming up with New York City Ballet as the company’s official activewear partner. PUMA has made it a goal to gain some ground in the women’s training category, as well as in arts and culture, so this partnership definitely makes sense for them. And we’re loving […]

Say it with (Silly) Steps!

Got something big to proclaim over the Internet, but 140 characters just isn’t going to cut it? The brand-new Puma Dance Dictionary has got you covered—as long as you don’t mind using a slightly goofy vocabulary. The Dance Dictionary, which Puma has launched to promote a new line of fragrances, is kind of like a […]