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"SYTYCD" Season 16 Recap: The End of Auditions!

To quote old-lady Rose Dawson from Titanic: OK, so maybe it hasn’t really been a full 84 years since Season 16 of “So You Think You Can Dance” first graced our screens. But it kinda feels like it, right? The entire summer so far has been dedicated to auditions! Along the way—five episodes, not 84 […]

"SYTYCD" Season 16 Recap: The Auditions Continue

It’s usually right around the third or fourth week of “So You Think You Can Dance” audition rounds that we start itching for the live shows. Sure, the auditions are fun, inspiring, and entertaining, but at a certain point, we reach audition saturation. (And the live shows are just so good and feature so much […]

"SYTYCD" Season 16 Recap: The Promise of a Powerful Episode

In many teasers, FOX promised this would be a “powerful” episode of “So You Think You Can Dance.” We have to admit that we didn’t take that super seriously. We assumed it just meant we’d get one or two emotional contemporary routines sandwiched between the b-boys and the LOL-worthy auditions. But oh, man: The teasers […]

"SYTYCD" Season 16 Recap: A "Bad Girl," a Kidnapping, and a Baby B-Boy

It’s the second week of auditions in L.A., and everyone’s feeling feisty! (Well, Laurieann’s feeling feisty, that’s for sure.) As the search for America’s Favorite Dancer continues, here’s what was awesome about Week 2. Sumi Oshima, 26, Japan, Hip Hop Dance unites us. ✌️ #SYTYCD https://t.co/JerecpEsWM — SYTYCD (@SYTYCD)1560215182.0 Sumi’s life hasn’t been easy. Her […]

"SYTYCD" Season 16 Recap: The Auditions Begin

A slow-motion, battement-filled opening montage set to music from The Greatest Showman can only mean one thing: To quote the hostess with the mostest, the ever-fabulous Cat Deeley, “Welcome! to So You Think You Can Dance!” The OG dance competition show is back and, as always, promising to be better than ever. For the show’s […]

Everything We Know About “SYTYCD” Season 16

Season 16 of “So You Think You Can Dance” premieres this Monday, June 3! Need help getting through the last few days (or hours, really, EEE) before Nigel’s first “Cue music”? Take a look at our roundup of all the info that’s trickled out so far about the new season. The Competitors Include Some Familiar […]

7 "Wow" Moments From Last Year's "SYTYCD" Auditions

Season 16 of “So You Think You Can Dance” is almost here and we are SO. EXCITED. While we wait for the new season to roll around (it premieres Monday, June 12!), we figured we’d reminisce about some of the most iconic auditions from last year. And…cue music! Jay Jackson (aka Laganja Estranja) Of course […]