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What Your Musical Theater "Type" Says About You

When you’re boxed into a certain category it can feel negative. But focus on the positives: Each category comes with its own list of strengths. Here are the things you’re nailing if you’re consistently cast as these types. The Ingénue You’re best suited for an innocent role. You have a youthful or sweet “look,” like […]

Embrace Your Musical Theater "Type"

“As a teenager, I auditioned for Spring Awakening, only to realize it was a lot of blonde girls,” says Skyler Volpe, a performer with brown, curly hair. This experience taught Volpe to research characters that would best fit not only her voice but also her look—such as her current role as Mimi in the Rent […]

Playing Against Type

Broadway veteran Lisa Gajda describes herself as “athletic, with a straight body and a strong way of dancing.” That “tomboy” image could have typecast her for life—and yet her career has transcended type. Her Broadway debut may have been in the rough-and-tumble Tommy, but she traded sneakers for high heels for her next show, How […]