What Your Musical Theater "Type" Says About You

March 22, 2017

When you’re boxed into a certain category it can feel negative. But focus on the positives: Each category comes with its own list of strengths. Here are the things you’re nailing if you’re consistently cast as these types.

The Ingénue

You’re best suited for an innocent role. You have a youthful or sweet “look,” like Maria from West Side Story, and strong acting and singing skills.

The Best Friend

You excel as the leading character’s sidekick, like Penny from Hairspray. Best Friends aren’t afraid to be goofy or over-the-top and have strong comedic timing.

The Character Actor

You also have excellent comedic timing, and are adept at taking on specific physical traits, like distinctive walks or voices. Think of the singing gangsters from Kiss Me, Kate.

The Showgirl

You have legs for days and excel in classic shows such as A Chorus Line or White Christmas. You probably also have strong tap skills.

The Powerhouse

You shine in shows with acro tricks and intense choreo—think high-octane musicals like Grease, Hairspray or Mamma Mia!