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November 30, 2009

Positive Attitude

Thanks for the “Attitude Adjustments” article in the July/August issue! It’s good to hear that other girls are struggling with the same problems I am. Now I know how to deal with “toxic friends”! —Lauren, 14, Boston, MA



Competition 101

I loved “Competition Know-How” from the May/June issue. Not only did it come in handy at one of my regional competitions, but it also reinforced why I dance as well as compete. I will definitely use these tips at Nationals and at any future competitions! —Anonymous, 12, NC



Lots of Love

I always love reading your magazine! It’s especially awesome to hear real dancers tell their stories. Keep it up! —Maria, 20, Pittsburgh, PA


As a dancer, I’m always looking for new trends, upcoming opportunities, good advice and inspiration. DS gives me all of that and much more. Thanks DS! —Nikki, 13, Birmingham, MI



Dance Team Help



I’ve been thinking about pursuing a career in dance, and it seems that being a dancer for a sports team is the perfect fit for me. The only problem is that I have no idea what that job entails or what auditions are like! Do you have any insight into what life would be like as a dancer for a professional sports team? —Jackie, 15, Santa Cruz, CA


Editor’s Note:
Check out our “Dancer’s Diary” by a Knicks City Dancers hopeful on p. TK for a peek at a professional dance team audition!



Let’s Get Physical


Do you have any cardiovascular exercises and activities that you would recommend for dancers? —The DFX Seniors, Edmonton, AB, Canada


What is the best type of exercise program for dancers trying to get in shape, besides dancing? —Anonymous, 20, OR


Editor’s Note:
Getting in extra cardiovascular exercise is beneficial to any dancer. This month we’re going to show you just how to do it: Check out our “Cardio for Dancers” feature on p. TK.



We Want to Know!



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