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September 7, 2009

Rasa Vitalia

Say Her (New) Name


After reading “Say My Name” in the April issue of DS, I thought I’d share my own stage name story. I specialize in Middle/Near Eastern dance and was formerly named Jennifer Rozwood—friends called me “Roz.” I thought it was easy to remember, but after a while I wanted something more feminine and connected to my art. So I switched to “Rasa,” which means “passion in the spirit” (and sounds a lot like “Roz”!). After a lot of research, I decided on “Vitalia,” which means “full of life,” as my new last name. Now, as Rasa Vitalia, I’m gaining respect and prestige in the dance community.

—Rasa Vitalia


Healthy and Happy

The May/June issue’s Body Buzz page inspired me to stop drinking so much diet soda. Now my favorite drink is water with cucumber. Keep up the great work!

—Mia, 14


College Concerns

I think I want to study dance in college and will be applying to schools this year. Do you think dancers should go to college? And what colleges have good dance programs?

—dancingqueen17 via

Editor’s note: Since college decisions can be tough, we’ve dedicated this issue to all things campus-related. Check out our cover feature on professional ballerina and college grad Lauren Fadeley—page TK—which shows that it’s possible to have the best of both worlds. And be sure to browse our Higher Education Guide on page TK.

Crazy for Choreography

Thank you for consistently producing such an informative magazine. Do you have any advice for dancers who wish to become choreographers?

—Jenny, 16, Eastlake, OH

Editor’s note: You’re in luck! Take a look at our Q&A with dancer-turned-choreographer Jessica Lang on page TK.


Fabulous Flexibility

How can I improve my leg extensions? I’ve been dancing for a while, but my lack of flexibility is holding me back.

—Chloe McCray, Pittsburgh, PA

Editor’s note: Get bendy! Check out our tips for stretching your legs on page TK.


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