Taylor Swift Gets Her (Delightfully Goofy) Dance On Again in "Delicate" Video

March 11, 2018

Sure, we can get behind Taylor Swift as a super-powerful android/revenge-bent glamazon/leader of a group of fierce female assassins. But we love her best in endearingly dorky mode. That’s why we’re kind of obsessed with the new music video for “Delicate,” which features T. Swift dancing like nobody’s watching—literally.

In the vid, which dropped last night during the iHeartRadio Music Awards, Taylor suddenly finds that she’s become invisible to the entire world. And that discovery leads to an epic, deliciously cheesy, me-myself-and-i dance party. It’s definitely heartfelt, but—in the spirit of “Old Taylor”—never takes itself too seriously. (The video has prompted more than a few comparisons to Margaret Qualley’s equally freespirited dance ad for Kenzo.)