Taylor Swift's New Dance Move Is Awkward and Hilarious and Perfect

November 14, 2017

Taylor Swift is #blessed in many ways: She’s got a great voice, insane song writing skills, and, to quote her new hit single, she’s “Gorgeous.” She is not, however, blessed in the dance department. But that doesn’t stop her from busting out the occasional dance move. In fact, Swift likes to playfully show off her less-than-stellar dancing, be it in her music videos (hello, “Shake It Off“) or at music award shows. So we weren’t surprised when during the latest episode of her “Making of a Song” series for AT&T, she unveiled a new endearingly awkward maneuver, which she’s dubbed the “dolphin body roll”—and it practically had friend and producer Jack Antonoff rolling on the floor!🤣

It’s so inspired we can’t help but wonder if it’ll become Taylor’s go-to move for her upcoming Reputation tour. Could the “dolphin body roll” be a Power Move in the making?😉

Watch Taylor’s inspired dancing in the clip below, starting at 2:22: