5 Ways to Celebrate Your Dance Teachers on #WorldTeachersDay

October 4, 2020

Dance teachers are so much more than just teachers—never has that been more clear than 2020. They’re choreographers, life coaches, our biggest cheerleaders, and these days they’re flexing their tech-savviness to reach beyond the walls of the studio and provide virtual dance training. This year, World Teachers’ Day means even more than usual, especially for dancers.

Here are five ways to celebrate the teachers in your life, both past and current.

Send a thank-you note

Simple, yet meaningful. A thank you text, video message, or even a classic handwritten card is an easy way to let your teachers know how much their training and guidance has meant to you. Taking the time to reflect with a written message allows you to gather your thoughts and recount all the lessons and memories your teachers have left with you, which will make the thank you that much more personal.

Reach out to a former teacher

If you’ve been on your dance journey for a while, odds are there have been some teachers who have come and gone from your life. Social media makes it so easy to track down former mentors for a chat—why not give them a life update, ask how they’re doing, or let them know just how much of an impression their classes left on you as a dancer?

Post some photos

Who doesn’t love a good throwback? If you have some choice backstage photos with your teachers (flowers in hand, smudged makeup—whatever, they’re cute!) post them on social media with a nice message. A surprise notification could make your teacher’s day.

Write a nice review

Many dance studios, large and small, have been impacted financially by the global pandemic. If a teacher or studio has been a positive in your life, let the world know by writing a five-star review for them on Google or Yelp. Your recommendation could bring your teachers new business, and help them to stay around to teach the next generation of kiddos.

Send a small gift

It could be a coffee shop gift card, a framed photo, fuzzy socks, or even scented hand sanitizer—the thought really does count. Choose something you think they would appreciate that says “Thank you for all you’ve done for me.”