The "A Ballerina's Life" Public Chat Is Amazing

August 27, 2015

If you’re like us, you feel all the happy feels when you discover that some of your favorite dancers also happen to be besties. It’s like finding out that Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are writing a screenplay together: YES. THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE.

Now, some of the world’s top ballerinas want to give you an insider-y peek at their friendships and careers. And we’re not just talking Insta snapshots.

What are we talking? About a dozen grade-A dancers are participating in a new Viber Public Chat, “A Ballerina’s Life.” Followers of the chat (who can see conversations but not participate) are getting live text streams, videos and photos directly from the people at the tippity-top of the ballet world.

No, seriously: the tippity-tippity-top. The list of chatting ballerinas includes New York City Ballet’s Sterling Hyltin, Ashley Bouder, Megan Fairchild and Sara Mearns; American Ballet Theatre’s Gillian Murphy and Stella Abrera; Pennsylvania Ballet’s Lauren Fadeley; and Miami City Ballet’s Patricia Delgado. NBD.

Just hanging out with a few world-class ballerinas. You know. (via Viber)

Basically, we get to be flies on the walls of their lives. And even though the chatting just started, it’s already clear that those lives are both fascinating and comfortingly normal. What do they eat for dinner? (Lots of sushi and guac.) How do they survive rehearsals for crazy-intense ballets? (They almost don’t.) What are their feelings on butt glue? (It’s absolutely necessary.) How stinking cute are their puppies? (SO STINKING CUTE.) Follow “A Ballerina’s Life” for all the chatty goodness!