The "ABDC" Revival Is Everything We Dreamed It Would Be

July 29, 2015

The hip-hop community lost its collective mind when it was announced that “America’s Best Dance Crew,” canceled back in 2012, would be returning this summer. And mind-losing was the appropriate response: This new season pits six all-star crews, five of them previous “ABDC” champions, against each other. So, amazingness was pretty much guaranteed.

But the revival’s premiere last night showed us we had no idea JUST HOW AMAZING that amazingness would be. Super CR3W! Quest Crew! We Are Heroes! I.aM.mE! Elektrolytes! Kinjaz! You all may or may not be aliens, and we want you to bring your insane creativity to our living rooms every night.

So much awesome. (Quest Crew, via MTV)

These are “ABDC” superstars we’re talking about, so it’s hard to pick “highlight” performances from the ep; every performance was a highlight. Buuuuuut if you forced me to choose favorites, I’d go with Super Cr3w’s subtly-witty-while-also-technically-overwhelming routine…

…Quest Crew’s high-octane punk-rockness…

…and I.aM.mE’s master class in the BEST way to use props:

I know, I know—those baby clips are a total tease. Luckily, the lovely people at MTV have also released the full episode, which you can watch below. Enjoy! And catch “ABDC” Wednesdays at 11/10c!