The Ailey Extension

August 2, 2009

Have you been wanting to expand your dance horizons and dabble in a few new styles, but haven’t had the time? Well here’s your chance! The Ailey Extension is offering a “Triple Treat Workshop” on Sunday, Aug. 16. The workshop will be held from 3–7 pm, with inventive classes such as Triple Fusion Bellydance, Congolese and samba— all in just one day!

Wondering what Tribal Fusion Bellydance is? This innovative style developed and taught by Fayzah combines Egyptian, Indian and Spanish movements with a mixture of hard hitting hip-hop accents!  

Never heard of Congolese? Congolese dance was actually first created in Central Africa. While most of the movements are taken from the center of the body, this dance is said to increase the flow of oxygen and blood in the mid-section which can in fact help prevent diseases!

So, you may have heard of samba but did you know that it’s a Brazilian dance? Ballroom samba is one of the mainstream versions of Brazilian samba and can also be seen on your favorite reality dance television shows.

Students of all levels are invited to this event, so what are you waiting for? Click here for registration and more information on this and other workshops offered in August from The Ailey Extension!