The Bad Boys Are Lookin' Good

July 5, 2009

We know you love Rasta Thomas, the super-talented (and super-cute) founder of the Bad Boys of Dance. This month, the Boys head overseas to perform their show, Rock the Ballet—in Finland! From April 13–25, the troupe will present its mixture of ballet, Broadway, hip hop and tap, to music ranging from Benny Goodman to Michael Jackson to Queen, at Helsinki’s Savoy Theatre, as part of an ongoing world tour.


Featuring Craig DeRosa and Nick Lazzarini of “So You Think You Can Dance” fame, as well as Rasta’s wife, Adrienne Canterna (who you can check out in February’s “Greek Goddesses” fashion spread!), Rock the Ballet is sure to, well, rock. Wondering when this group of dancing studs might be coming your way? Visit for tour dates. —Margaret Fuhrer