The Best Advice From 11 Pro Dancers

March 28, 2017

These dance icons have been in the biz a long time. They’ve crafted crazy successful careers, worked meticulously on their technique and continually dived deeper into their artistry to elevate their performances. Aka, they’re serious #goals. And they’ve learned a thing or two along the way. Read on for their advice.

Stella Abrera, American Ballet Theatre principal

“It can feel overwhelming to try to balance everything in your life right now—academics, ballet training and competitions, the first glimmer of romance and your unsuccessful efforts to always appear cool. Decompress by taking time for your other interests, such as cooking, reading and just hanging out with your buddies.

Start cross-training now; it’ll build stamina and help prevent injury. Focus especially on strengthening your core, as well as all those little stabilizing muscles. And stop lugging that enormous backpack full of textbooks on just one shoulder! Use a rolling bag, just like Dad advises (and don’t get mad at him for being right about most things). Get massages and stretch consistently. Be aware of which foods make you feel healthy, energized and strong.”

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