The Dirt with Victor Smalley

September 9, 2012

Victor Smalley with students Sammy Small (standing) and Hannah Epstein on “Dance Moms: Miami.” (Scott Gries/courtesy A&E Television Networks, LLC)

“I’m exactly the same in real life as I am on the show,” says Victor Smalley of “Dance Moms: Miami.” “For me, it’s all about the kids and showcasing their talents.” While his students certainly have star potential, it’s Smalley, co-owner of Stars Dance Studio, who’s the face of the show. You probably remember him from the Top 20 of “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 6. But after his “SYTYCD” days were up, Smalley decided to focus on teaching and returned to Stars, which he co-founded with Angel DeArmas Salabert in 2007. Now, Smalley trains students who consistently earn top titles on the competition scene, and he also travels the country giving master classes. Want to know more about this multitalented reality star? Read on for The Dirt.

Most-played song on your iPod:
“All Alright” by Sigur Ros

Must-see TV show:
“Vampire Diaries”

Favorite movie:
Moulin Rouge!

Biggest guilty pleasure:
5-hour ENERGY… I can’t resist

Favorite food:

One thing most people don’t know about you:
I love to paint.

If you weren’t a dancer/studio owner, what would you be?
A millionaire

One thing you can’t live without: 
Angel, my best friend

Favorite city in the world:

Who is your dance crush? 
Jordan Casanova

When you were little, what did 
you want to be when you grew up? 
A supermodel

What’s the strangest thing in your dance bag? 
It is my dance bag, because it’s Louis Vuitton.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Running my own dance company and funding kids who can’t afford to dance.