The immaBEAST Dancers Are Devastating in Janelle Ginestra's New Video

April 12, 2017

We’ll always love watching Janelle Ginestra’s harder-hitting choreo. But there’s something special about her newest video, which is less about slaying and more about FEELING. (Well, feeling while slaying. Ginestra’s never not slaying.)

Set to “The Way I Do” by Bishop Briggs, the video begins with Ginestra alone, in a stripped-down, soul-baring performance. Then it goes on to feature one insane group of immaBEAST dancers after another. Have you perhaps heard of Jade Chynoweth? Sean Lew? Kaycee Rice? Taylor and Reese Hatala? Tahani Anderson? Alyson Stoner? Yeah. They’re all here. And they all have really intense emotional journeys over the course of the routine. It’d almost be hard to watch, if it weren’t so ridiculously good.