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You're Invited to Reese Hatala's Library Dance Party

Y’all already know that what you really need after hours of studying is a well-deserved break in the form of an epic dance party. But what are you supposed to do when you’re stuck in the library and can’t crank up the volume on your favorite tunes? If you’re Reese Hatala, you grab your headphones […]

The Hatala Sisters Are Literal Dolls on this Magazine Cover

We already knew Taylor and Reese Hatala can do anything. After all, they’re both incredibly versatile dancers capable of serving up some serious face. And now the super siblings can add another title to their resumé: that of fashion magazine cover stars. The sisters just scored the cover of Canadian fashion and art magazine PORTFOLIO […]

The immaBEAST Dancers Are Devastating in Janelle Ginestra's New Video

We’ll always love watching Janelle Ginestra’s harder-hitting choreo. But there’s something special about her newest video, which is less about slaying and more about FEELING. (Well, feeling while slaying. Ginestra’s never not slaying.) Set to “The Way I Do” by Bishop Briggs, the video begins with Ginestra alone, in a stripped-down, soul-baring performance. Then it […]

Taylor Hatala and Her Amazing Little Sister

There are a ton of formidable sister acts out there: Tappers and filmmakers Chloé and Maud Arnold, super-twins Samantha and Jenelle Figgins, triple-threats Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler. Now, you can add Taylor Hatala and her little sister Reese to the list. We caught a glimpse of them dancing together in Janelle Ginestra’s choreo for the […]

Monster High Gets the Dance Treatment in "City Ghouls"

I can’t get enough of Janelle Ginestra‘s high-octane, take-no-prisoners choreo. I really can’t get enough of Ginestra’s #squad of fabulous hip-hop littles. (Oh hi, Taylor Hatala and Larsen Thompson.) And I REALLY can’t get enough of Ginestra’s squad doing Ginestra’s choreo. (“Run the World“? “IDFWU“? Pretty much everything Fraternal Twins-related? YUP.) So a new video […]