The Three Most Important Things

January 23, 2011

1) Commit 

2) Commit 

3) Commit

No matter your level of talent. Whether you’re tall or short, thick or thin. Even your knowledge of the style/choreography does not hold a candle to the importance of total commitment to the movement and the story the movement tells.



I sometimes like to watch
Saturday Night Live
. Some skits I like and some I could do without, but I do like watching new hosts every week to see what they do with what they are given. Sometimes the writing is really brilliant, but more often than not, it’s just OK. What is amazing to me is what some of these hosts do with it. It doesn’t matter whether that host is a dramatic actor or a comedian, there is one factor in my opinion that makes or breaks the show- their commitment! I can find myself laughing out loud at really dumb skits but because the actors are 1000% committed, it works.

Lay your inhibitions aside; they do not protect you, they hinder you. Don’t just sneak up to the edge — JUMP. Immerse yourself in the movement, even if it is uncomfortable to you. It will not become more comfortable if you shy away from it. One of the most fun things about what we do is the opportunity to 
Pretend it’s your forte and it will become such. Pretend you know what you are doing, and you will. How would you dance if you were the best one in the room? It doesn’t really matter if you are or you aren’t (that’s subjective, anyway) but the point is that it will be more fulfilling for you. It’s not for the teacher, or your friends, it’s for YOU! Commit, and be fulfilled.

Jacki Ford

Sisters and former Rockettes, Joey Dowling and Jacki Ford are popular performers, choreographers, convention faculty and owners of the new dancewear line, Jo+Jax (