The Commercial "It" Girls

May 31, 2010

No matter where you turn these days—magazines, TV, even the Academy Awards—you’re likely to spot one of these three dancers: Heather Morris, Lauren Gottlieb or Taja Riley. All three are former comp kids turned commercial queens, and they’re heating up the industry. Heather is a dancer-turned-actress with girl-next-door charm, and thanks to her role on “Glee,” she’s in high demand in Hollywood. Lauren is a familiar face: Since appearing on “So You Think You Can Dance,” she’s booked jobs with everyone from Mariah Carey to Cirque du Soleil. And then there’s Taja: Though she’s just 18, she’s already a hot commodity on the commercial scene.

So what’s their secret? They’ve all got star quality. “They were all ‘that girl’ at the dance competition, who was winning all of the awards,” says Brian Friedman, who has known all three girls since they were young. “You couldn’t keep your eyes off them. They had the performance quality on top of the technical ability.”

This month, catch all three girls on “Glee”: Heather returns as Brittany, the dim-witted (and hilarious) cheerleader; Lauren will be front and center as a dancer with rival singing group Vocal Adrenaline; and Taja will suit up as a Cheerios cheerleader. Read on to meet these three dance dynamos.