This Car Commercial Dances Through the Decades

September 8, 2013

Apparently dancing really makes people want to…buy cars.

We’ve seen a slew of dancetastic car commercials recently—some better than others. Toyota recently entered the field with a pretty solid ad for the Corolla that has us dancing through time.

We start with an “American Bandstand”-style group of ’60s bobbysoxers; progress to a groovy faux-“Soul Train” ’70s tribute (hey there, Maud Arnold!); breakdance our way into the ’80s; somehow end up at a head-banging ’90s grunge concert; and finish up with a modern-day crowd of super-colorful dancers. The takeaway? “Style never goes out of style.”

Kind of wish there weren’t a car hanging out awkwardly in each of these scenes, but the dancing is great. Take a look!