This Clip Starring Ailey's Power Couple Has Us Believing in Love Again

December 7, 2017

Distance, schmistance.

There’s nothing quite like the highs and lows of a long-distance relationship—and “«PARIS/NEW YORK – Long Distance Love»,” a new short film from viral dance-video guru Redha Medjellekh, perfectly captures every bit of the angst and the amazingness.

Dance Magazine
Award winner Linda Celeste Sims
and her husband Glenn Allen Sims (also a longtime Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater star) actually make the agony of long-distance romance look pretty darn good. Watch them dance this energetic, passionate pas de deux on the streets of Paris and NYC—because lol, of course this pair of legends wouldn’t be separated by anything other than THE MOST ROMANTIC cities on the planet—and just see if you don’t suddenly feel inspired to slide into the DMs of baes from summer intensives past. Dance conquers all, right?