This Dad Wearing a Tutu in His Daughter's Ballet Class Will Give You #AlltheFeels

November 17, 2017

Have we mentioned lately how much we love dance dads? Especially ones who show up to their daughter’s ballet class sporting a tutu, like Thanh Tran.

Tran accompanied his daughter, Adriana, to “Parents’ Night” at her studio, and decided the event called for some proper ballet attire. He told Global News, “She asked me to dance with her because her mom is seven months pregnant and she thought it would be funny to see me attempt ballet dance moves. Every kid had [a] parent with them—mostly moms—but I was one of two dads who did the class and the only one who dressed up.”

The resulting video and photos are straight-up adorable, and Tran is our new favorite #DanceDad. Check out the video below!