This Hippopotamus Sure is Light on her Feet!

October 4, 2013

I love it when different mediums of art collide, and Walt Disney’s Fantasia is the perfect example of arts collaboration at its best. I had completely forgotten about this 1940 film until Thursday afternoon, when I stumbled across a link promising “Ballerina Hippos!” Naturally, I didn’t hesitate to click on the link (and boy am I glad I did…).

The video is an excerpt from Fantasia, specifically a segment of the film that portrays a comic rendition of Dance of the Hours (the Act III Finale of the Opera La Gioconda). True to Disney fashion, this version features hilarious animal characters.

So for your Saturday viewing pleasure, please enjoy prima ballerina Hyacinth Hippo, as she performs a delightful solo with her devoted corps. My personal favorite part is when she dances a menege of tombé coupé jetés around the other hippos, finishing with an impressive pirouette. Enjoy!