Three Types of Social Media Posts That Could Come Back to Haunt You

December 24, 2018

Social media can be hard to navigate. There are many spoken and unspoken rules about posting on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook. But here are three mistakes you won’t want to make when posting on your social feeds.

The Overly Ambitious

If a certain dance skill isn’t ready for the spotlight, it’s probably not ready for the social media limelight, either. “Whether it’s in competition or on social media, I’m not likely to score you higher for doing a variation on pointe if you’re not strong enough to do it ,” says Adam Sklute, artistic director of Ballet West.

The Oversharing

“It’s natural to get excited about booking a job, but I’ve seen young artists get in trouble by posting casting news before it’s public knowledge,” says Jennifer Musgrove, head of the kids’ department at Bloc Agency in L.A. Make sure you’re not speaking too soon, posting from a closed set, or stealing your employer’s thunder. “Ultimately, that’s the client’s content, not the talent’s.”

The Just Plain Inappropriate

Curse words, vulgar hand gestures, highly sensual choreography, or inappropriate outfits could be a turnoff for someone considering hiring you, even years later. “If you’re wondering whether or not to post something, I’d suggest asking yourself, ‘What would a potential teacher, choreographer, or director think about this?’ ” says Rachel S. Moore, author of The Artist’s Compass.

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A version of this story appeared in the December 2018 issue of
Dance Spirit with the title “Know When To Filer?