Tiny Dancer Tegan Will Make Your Friday

December 4, 2014

Recently, we’ve been featuring a lot of “baby” dancers, preteens who blow us away with their incredible skills. But there’s also the rare true baby—a kid under the age of, say, 4—who appears to have emerged straight from the womb with dance talent. It’s not something she’s developed over the course of hours in a studio. It’s just…there.

Take Tegan. He is two years old and less than two feet tall. He is also an unbelievable natural mover.

Tegan, in the pocket

In this video, he does a gloriously weird/brilliant freestyle to Adventure Club’s remix of “Crave You” by Flight Facilities. At one point, his toy car gets in on the action. For most of the video, though, it’s just Tegan and the music.

So much talent. So much cuteness.

There’s a bit more to this story: It turns out Tegan’s father is also a dancer. Little one’s got good genes—and a good dance role model to emulate.

Happy Friday!