Top 20 Performance Recap

June 29, 2009

Did you watch last night’s episode of “So You Think You Can Dance” and follow us on twitter? The show was amazing—the top 20 are incredibly talented (if we haven’t mentioned it enough, Jeanine and Kayla are former DS fashion models), Wade is back (!!!) and the choreography was fab (yay for Nappytabs lyrical hip hop). We’re hooked on this season already. And now on to the recap:


Phillip and Jeanine

We’re so excited that the judges took to Jeanine. Their dance to “Mad” by Ne-Yo choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon reminded us of last season’s showstopper, “Bleeding Love.” And we totally, as the judges say, “believed them.” We remember Jeanine telling us during the October 2008 DS photo shoot that she likes acting, and now we have proof that she’s good at it!

(Evan and Randi)

We’re smitten with Evan! Tyce’s sultry choreography highlighted his musical theater training. The couple’s chemistry was spot on (which was especially impressive since she’s married!). We can’t wait to see more from this duo.

Jason and Caitlin

Wow does Jason have charisma and stage presence! Caitlin who? But we did love her hairdo: braids snaked around her head and twisted into a cool bun. Props to the “SYTYCD” hair and makeup team.

Kupono and Ashley

Wade’s choreography is just as captivating and spunky as ever. Our reaction? Hot tamale train, baby! It showed off Kupono and Ashleys technique, and they looked pretty good (for test dummies!). We agree with Nigel, people will remember it.

Max and Kayla

This show is called “So You Think You Can Dance,” and we think Kayla can dance! She seems to pick up any style and rock at it. We predict that she will definitely make the top 10 and will be one of the girls to beat. Max was solid, but he didn’t blow us away. We wish we could pair Jason with Kayla. Sigh.


Tony and Paris

Uh oh. We went into the night with high hopes for Tony, but unfortunately he did not deliver. His hip-hop routine with Paris was soft. But we disagree with the judges and liked their DJ costumes. And we’re not giving up on Tony yet—he has room to grow and that’s part of what this show is all about!

However, according to this breaking news from Nigel’s twitter, he says:

“I think there’ll be an obvious bottom couple tonight, and then it will be a tough call to make decisions? Just vote positively for your favs.”

Who do you this the obvious bottom couple is? Tony and Paris? Let us know in the DS message boards!

—Lauren Levinson