Trend Spotting…in Dance Class

July 30, 2008

This past Friday your DS fashionistas kicked off the weekend by boarding the 2 train uptown from Fulton Street to Times Square. We then sprinted in the 90+ degree heat to 45th and Broadway and hit up the overly crowded bathroom to quickly change from work clothes into appropriate dance attire. That’s right. Lev and I took on Broadway Dance Center.


Last week, I challenged you all to take a professional dance class outside your local studio—to push beyond your comfort zone to be that little fish in the big pond. This week, I challenge you to not only march right into that class but to also be decked out in the coolest, most original dance gear. I’m talking about those outfits that steal the stage almost as much as the choreography does. Lev and I have done our research—scouting trends in dance classes amongst unassuming dancers. And for you our DS readers, we give you our long-thought out, highly educated theories.

Theory 1: Outrageously hot days and poorly air conditioned studios do not affect the top dancers.

While Lev and I rummaged through our wardrobes for our most lightweight, summer-friendly dance outfits, some dancers over at BDC seemed unaffected by the blistering summer heat. Exhibit A: UGG boots and sweater caps. I was horrified by the thought of dancing in any boots—let alone suede Uggs! But to see these dancers groove and jive in them as well as knit hats (without even breaking a sweat!) was truly a sight to behold. Talk about dancer versatility!

Theory 2: Normal sneakers just don’t cut it.

Basic tennis sneaks in customary colors such as black and white have gone out of style like a bad habit. The key to really standing out in class is to don a pair of outrageously colored sneaks, with spunky soles and crazy shoelaces. Lev’s extra experience as Assistant Fashion Editor gave her a leg up as she rocked out with vintage, multi-colored Asics while I naively broke out my classic black Saucony’s (trés embarrassing although a step up from my normally worn jazz sneakers).

Theory 3: Cut off sweatshirts with hoodies are a necessary must-have.

What’s the best way to vibe off hard-core music? Complete your outfit with a graphically designed hoodie! Added bonus—dancers who can successfully do the movements with the hood on!

Theory 4: Ripped shirts are the new ribbed under shirt.

Move over ribbed white tank tops, and say hello to originally created t-shirts. Think overly large Hanes t-shirts cut, braided, stitched and manipulated into the coolest attire. Lev and I boasted simple, breezy t-shirts, only to find ourselves in awe of how creative dancers can be with their tops. DIY advice—invest in that extra large t-shirt and a pair of fabric scissors.

Theory 5: Bathing suits are not just for the pool.

Who knew that rockin’ out in your speedo was cool? Pairing a bright bikini top under a see-through or ripped shirt has been spotted all over the hip-hop scene. We haven’t spotted the bathing suit bottom yet, but with all these new trends fast approaching we expect others to dive in head first.

Overarching Theory: You may be a beginner dancer, but if you are sporting fashion-envious apparel, you will still make out like a rock star.