True Life: I'm a Hip-Hopaholic

October 8, 2013

I have a confession to make: even though I consider myself a bunhead—lover of pointe shoes, hyper-extended legs, and banana feet—if I could pick one style of dance to watch, it would be hip-hop. I love hip hop. It’s probably because I have absolutely zero swag, and I secretly hope that watching hip hop will make me become cool. OK, I know it’s a long shot, but that doesn’t mean I won’t continue spending my free time bingeing on YouTube videos of hip-hop choreo.

But there’s nothing quite like seeing it live. In the November issue of DS, we featured one particular aspect of hip hop: battling. Hip-hop battles are a great chance to see the best of the best, and to get a sense of the incredible talent that’s out there. The World of Dance Tour, which hits 14 locations nationwide, is a wonderful way to get into watching live hip hop. There are usually performers of all ages—my favorite are the insane little kids who absolutely crush it—and crews from all walks of life. You’ll get your famous crews, like those featured on “America’s Best Dance Crew,” but you’ll also get the lesser-known crews (who may become a big deal in the future!). Click here to find out when WOD is coming to a city near you.

Oh, and here’s the hip-hop video I’m currently bingeing on. It’s some experimental choreography from David Lim, a founder of GRV dance team, which won 1st place in the upper division of World of Dance L.A. this year. Enjoy!