Try Not to Be Mesmerized by This Pointe Shoe-Prep Video

February 18, 2016


Is there anything more mesmerizing than watching a ballerina prep her pointe shoes? We’re endlessly fascinated by the destruction, alterations and care that go into achieving that perfect fit.

In this video, National Ballet of Canada first soloist Jenna Savella gives us a glimpse into her own preparatory process. Darning, three-quartering and shaving the sole—it’s all there.


Even though these videos aren’t meant to be a tutorial, they still serve as a lovely demystifying tool. Not every professional dancer is born with banana feet that are made to spend eight hours a day on pointe. They cut, strip, sew and bend to find their perfect fit—and most switch their shoe a few times throughout their career, as their feet change.

So the next time you feel like flinging your pointe shoes against the wall in frustration, watch this video for inspiration and just remember that it takes time and work to make them feel like an extension of your body.

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