tWitch Takes To The Diving Board

January 6, 2013

Remember when reality shows were just harmless fun? From “The Real World” to “Jersey Shore,” things got a bit crazy, but they were never downright dangerous.

Well…maybe some of what Snooki and co. were doing was more than reckless.

But lately, reality shows are entering a new domain of insanity. “Fear Factor” is practically tame compared to “Killer Karaoke,” during which contestants try to sing while being eaten by dogs and almost literally thrown to the wolves.

The influx of onscreen madness never worried me too much.

That is, until one of our own got involved.

Dun dun dunnnn.

On January 9, FOX is debuting its latest, um, “fun” venture: “Stars in Danger: The High Dive.”

And guess who’s on [the dive]board?

Yup. tWitch. The dancer love of my life.

Here’s what he’s in for: “The diving special will push its celebrity contestants to new heights as they receive training from experts as they learn the often painful fundamentals that come with performing complicated dives.”

Of course, tWitch manages to make a dangerous endeavor into something adorable, by stating, “I’m trying to become the merman, but right now I’m more like a manatee.”

Aw. That’s sweet.

Here’s an absolutely hilarious sneak peek at tWitch on the show:

[brightcove,AAAAAC3bNtw~,c0hgCOyLwy4Lde_FJ6Ombu5W_uQUkX83&bctid=2073497198001 expand=1]

Remember to tune into FOX on Wednesday at 8 pm to see all the belly flopping action.

Other “celebrity” contestants include “Jersey Shore” “star” J-Woww and other people I’ve never heard of.

And tWitch: BE CAREFUL! We love you. And we think you look mega-hot in a Speedo. Just sayin’.