Two Dance-y Commercials to Make Your Tuesday

August 10, 2015

It’s August. Which means 1) it’s so hot all you want to do is sit in front of a screen in an air-conditioned space; 2) odds are pretttttty good that that screen will be broadcasting back-to-school ads.

Ugh, back-to-school ads. We know. But here’s the good news: This year’s crop of commercials is deliciously dance-y. Dance-y enough that you might not even click “skip” after the obligatory first five seconds, even though you NEED to re-watch Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler’s strangely addictive Glamour video.

And that might be because Maddie is in the ad, too. Yup: Target’s latest BTS commercial features the elder Miss Z dancing alongside some of our favorite minis, including Mace Maya, Heaven King, Kida the Great and Asia Monet Ray. All kinds of cuteness ensues:

(Side note: Love Tori Kelly’s “ABC” cover? Download it here for free and Target will donate $5 in supplies to the Kids in Need Foundation.)

The BTS fun isn’t just for the littles. Aéropostale got in on the dance ad action, too, with a commercial for its Seriously Stretchy Jeans choreographed by our friend Mishay Petronelli (who’s also one of the dancers). It’s currently playing on a bajillion-foot-high screen in Times Square, and even if it doesn’t inspire you to buy jeans, it will DEFINITELY inspire you to hit the gym—these ladies’ abs are insanity:

Enjoy your last few days of summer freedom, friends.