Two of a Kind: More Dance Friends

February 28, 2011

Xander Weinman and Adam Metzger

NYC tap instructors, performers and co-founders of MOVE: A New York City Dance Project

Friends since: 2009

How they met:
Taking class at Steps on Broadway in NYC

“When we dance together, we improvise a lot and it’s easy for us to communicate musically. We work well together—we complement each other, and we see things very similarly.”  —Xander Weinman


Samuel Black and Dallas McMurray

Members of Mark Morris Dance Group

Friends since:

How they met:
Dancing at Katie’s Dance Studio in El Cerrito, CA. They were two of just a few boys at the studio at the time.

“When I joined MMDG, I didn’t know anyone in the company besides Sam—it was intimidating for me. I was thankful to have him there with me, though. There was something comforting about having Sam there from day one.”  —Dallas McMurray


April Daly, dancer with Joffrey Ballet of Chicago, and Kathleen Breen Combes, principal dancer with Boston Ballet

Friends since:

How they met:
Through a mutual friend

“We call each other every single day. We’re always sending each other flowers for opening nights and things like that. Last year I flew out to see Kathleen dance ‘Diamonds’ in George Balanchine’s Jewels on opening night and she came to see me when the Joffrey performed at the Metropolitan Opera House in NYC. Kathleen is like my sanity. She gives the best advice.”  —April Daly


Deena “SnapShot” Clemente and Wanda “WandeePop” Candelario

NYC hip-hop instructors and co-founders of TruEssencia Dance and Wellness

Friends since:

How they met:
In a courtyard of the building where SnapShot lived in the Bronx. Soon thereafter they started a local dance crew with six other friends from the neighborhood.

“Our dreams have always been the same. No matter which paths we took—graduating from school, working corporate jobs, moving to other states—we would always end up back on the same road together.”  —SnapShot


Jeanine Mason, “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 5 winner, and Jakob Karr, “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 6 runner-up

Friends since:

How they met:
At a dance competition in Fort Lauderdale, FL, when they were 14.

“Jeanine is one of the clumsiest people I’ve ever met. As graceful as she is onstage, she’s equally as uncoordinated in her daily life.”  —Jakob Karr

“When Jakob made it to the ‘SYTYCD’ finale during Season 6, I was home in Florida for my brother’s birthday. My family and I sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to my brother while voting for Jakob on at least two phones each!”  —Jeanine Mason