Watch ABT Dancers Squee Over Their New Lounge

May 6, 2017

What’s one of the most important differences between ballet dancers and “normal” athletes? Misty Copeland says it best: “We’re working like professional athletes are, and most of those athletes have state-of-the-art buildings and the environment they’re in is very high end. We don’t get the same funding and things like that as professional athletes and teams. So it’s difficult.”

That’s why it’s so cool that Architectural Digest magazine, paired with some anonymous donors, decided to give an extreme makeover to American Ballet Theatre‘s kinda dingy dancers’ lounge. CBS This Morning not only covered the big reveal (spoiler: everyone had super-cute, funny reactions), the program also interviewed Copeland, principal Marcelo Gomes and soloist Devon Teuscher about what the shiny new space means to the dancers. Check it out: