Watch This Guy Learn to Dance in a Year

January 29, 2014

Remember Karen X. Cheng, the inspiring girl who went from hip-hop newbie to credible dancer over the course of a year—and documented the whole process on film?

Well, meet her dance-quest doppelganger: YouTube user Neiland, a lifelong Michael Jackson fan who, a year ago, decided to master some of the pop legend’s signature moves. Like Karen, he created a time-lapse film of his progress over the course of the 365-day journey. (He may not be dancing backup for Usher anytime soon, but the video is still pretty impressive.)

We’re such suckers for this kind of thing. We understand the hours upon hours of hard work it takes for dancers to see even minor improvements. So a video like this, which shows in dramatic fashion just how much good those hours upon hours are doing, practically brings us to tears.